Ash Grunwald has one of the most respected live shows in his country. Acclaimed by the press and the public, it has been running out of tickets in Australia and New Zealand for the past 6 years. He has also successfully toured all along Canada and the United Kingdom. And he was in charge of opening the concerts of his good friend Xavier Rudd on his tour of the United States in 2014. He has also performed with James Brown, The Black Keys, Jack Johnson, Bo Diddley, The Cat Empire, Missy Higgins, or Pete Murray

The press of his country surrenders at him, talking about an authentic rock star on stage, with a rustic and deep voice, dressed with his aviator glasses and squandering sex appeal almost unintentionally, attracting massive audiences.
With a prolific career spanning 9 albums in 12 years, Ash has been nominated for 6 ARIA awards and has won 2 APRA awards, delivered by the recording industry association and the Australian copyright association, respectively.

He has an innate ability to connect with the public. Perhaps its freshness comes from the lack of a routine of rehearsals or the absence of a fixed set list for years. He has been defined as a genius of improvisation, experimenting in the interpretation of his songs, taking tricks up his sleeve concert after concert. What there is no doubt about is that it has created an identity of its own in a genre in which it can be difficult to differentiate.

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