The young bard Jerron ‘Blind Boy’ Paxton was born in 1989, but his great skills rivals classics of the genre. He is witty, fast rhyming, poetic, fun, exciting, wonderfully skilled as a musician and a good singer, becoming the continuation of a proud tradition. It is a true living embodiment of the purest blues, in the 21st Century, but preserving the tradition: ragtime, hokum, old-time, french reels, Appalachian music, blues and more …

He masters multiple blues styles and play Blind Blake style. He also feels more than comfortable playing ragtime according to the most classic tradition, being able to recognize the influence of Blind Boy Fuller or Gary Davis, but also of the Louisiana swamps and the Mississippi delta. Digging deep into the country/blues archives, from Furry Lewis to Texas Alexander. At the piano he can remember Fats Waller, and he quotes James P. Johnson and Lucky Robinson as influences. At the age of 15, at the time he started going blind, he said he didn’t like anything written after 1934. He grew to 78rpm.

When he goes up on stage, the smile on his face is not removed, transmitting joy to his audience. He exudes total happiness, like someone who loves what he’s doing, and the audience falls for him. He is a huge new talent who should take the helm of the future of traditional blues. A young country&blues performer as impressive as Jerron Paxton is not only rare, but his extraordinary talent is almost surreal.

Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton. Murfreesboro, TN. March 18, 2014.