Grandson of R.L. Burnside and son of Calvin Jackson, two true legends of the hill country blues, Cedric Burnside had the difficult task of continuing that legacy, something he has managed to achieve, renewing the style. The 4 times Blues Music Award winner for the best worlwide blues drummer was already touring at age 13 with his grandfather R.L. Burnside, replacing his father on drums.

His career is undoubtedly surprising: he has recorded and toured with John Spencer Blues Explosion, Bobby Rush, North Mississippi All Stars, Richard Johnston, Lightnin ‘Malcolm, Blues Club Big Head (on Robert Johnson’s centenary album), Trenton Ayers, etc.
In addition to their own albums and projects. His debut album received a Blues Music Award for best debut, he has recorded 6 solo albums, founded the project The Cedric Burnside Project with his uncle and his brother, Allison Burnside Express with Bernard Allison, Burnside Exploration with Garry Burnside, and so many others in his career.

Without a doubt, a name called to be a legend in his style, as attested by his career and his awards (nominated for a Grammy also in 2016). The legacy of the family continues.

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