Madrilian band Cosmosoul is composed of 5 brilliant musicians with very diverse musical techniques, profiles, and cultures. Alana Sinkëy, Portuguese singer originally from Guinea-Bissau; Abel Calzetta, Argentine guitarist; Arturo García, drummer from Bilbao; Manuel Pablo Sanz, bass player from Madrid; and Neapolitan keyboardist Sergio Salvi, are the elements of this cultural melting pot that has no barriers in every meaning of the word.
His music is strongly rooted in neo-soul and R&B, but has a wealth of nuances from world music, jazz and pop.

In 2011, the year of his birth they embark on the exciting adventure of releasing their first album “Sunrise”, a debut album marked by its elegant production, the freshness of the songs and the warmth of Alana Sinkëy’s voice; and that earned them the prizes of La Noche en Vivo to revelation band and best black music group.
With his 2nd album “Terra”, of 2014, recognition also begins at the international level, touring various countries such as Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Morocco, Russia, or Italy, with notable acceptance from both the public and the press.
His third album “Walk” does nothing but confirm that they are undoubtedly one of the leading bands of black music in our country today.

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