The music of Delta Moon is a strong mix of personalities and sounds. A casual meeting at a music store in Atlanta, Georgia made it known to his two founders Tom Gray and Mark Johnson. Tom was trying to sell a dobro in the back of his truck. Mark didn’t buy the guitar, but the two exchanged phone numbers and soon they were playing together regularly at bars and roadside restaurants throughout Atlanta.

After adding a solid rhythm section, Delta Moon began playing in the nightclubs and festivals around Dixieland, filling shelves with all the local awards, including the Blues Challenge International in Memphis in 2003. Thanks to the IBC Award, Delta Moon expanded its travel to include the USA, Canada and Europe in full. In 2007 bassist Franher Joseph joined Delta Moon followed later by drummer Marlon Patton, completing the lineup that remains today. With a deep-rooted work ethic, the band has constant tours and recordings throughout USA and Europe.

The American Roots Music Association named Tom Gray as the 2008 blues composer of the year. His songs have been recorded by Cyndi Lauper (including the hit “Money Changes Everything”), Manfred Mann, Carlene Carter, Bonnie Bramlett, and many others. Delta Moon continue to expand the sound that has led them to sell thousands of albums and allowed to play for thousands of fans around the world in recent years. With his live show, Delta Moon’s slide guitar duel takes the listener deep into the southern heart of the United States.

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