Delvon Lamarr began as a drummer in several local bands, changing to play the organ. After several experiences in bands that end up undoing, under the advice of his manager and his wife Amy Novo he formed this trio of instrumental soul with a powerful base, sustained by the sound of his Hammond B3 along with powerful guitar lines and a solid drum base.

With the current formation of Delvon to the keyboard, along with Jimmy James on guitar and the latest signing Doug Port on drums, and the good reception of his debut “Close But No Cigar”, the band gets great success and acceptance everywhere they play.
Remembering the sound of the ’60 and ’70, the band offers something that has been lost to the audience, and that originality, along with their versatility on stage to improvise, play with rock classics adapted to Hammond, and the sense of humor and good atmosphere prevailing in their concerts are the key to every night audience go home wanting to repeat.

With their self-released debut in 2016, and reissued by Colemine Records, and a live performance recorded on KEXP, the Seattle trio is already composing their second studio work while carrying their original proposal around the world.

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