Dixie Town emerged in 2007 on the edge of the Vigo bay, halfway between the hardest blues and the seventies rock, with an overwhelming direct that they have been offering during these more than 10 years on the road. It is clear that Isaac Campos (keyboards), Lucas Ferrández (drums), Oscar Fontán (bass) and Pepe Ferrández (vocals and guitars) have grow up with Elmore James, Muddy Waters and Albert King, but also Captain Beefheart, Rory Gallagher and Grand Funk.

6 albums, each better, in less than 10 years give a good account of their creativity and good work. One of them, “Burned Alive”, a double live album where they give free rein to their ‘fat’ sound; another, the now classic “Fat & Superb”, produced by New Yorker Mike Mariconda; their to date latest reference, “Same Old Story”, garnered many accolades in the press …

The Galician scene has proven more than once that the authentic European Delta is there, and bands like The Soul Jacket or the Dixie Town themselves do nothing but confirm this theory. If they go to your city, prepare for a sound hurricane.

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