El Combo Batanga is made up of a series of musicians with an almost innate vocation towards music of Cuban tradition. All the members of this combo have taken part in the development of a musical genre that in the mid-1990s was coined with the name of mestizaje. From an early age they have lived and participated in projects with internationally renowned musicians, finding names such as Amparanoia, Jerry González, Habana Abierta, Macaco, or Alaín Pérez, among others. Musicians who were interested not only in the traditional music of their homeland but also in other styles such as rock, funk or blues.
It was in 2005 when all the members of the band got together to play in one of the most emblematic venues of Latin music in the city of Madrid, where today they enjoy a great reputation in the local music scene.

As a result of a concert that El Combo Batanga offered under the name of The Barrio Boys together with living legend Joe Baatan, the TucXone Records label decided to call them to be part of their roster. That show was rehearsed in its entirety at the TucXone headquarters and the experience was so positive and enriching that the founding members of the label decided that they were the right band to launch their first Latin soul project with.
A project undoubtedly called to collect the witness of the golden years of this musical style. This Latin combo has demonstrated from the beginning a rare solidity and maturity. They form a consistent band that, with this first album, intend to restore hope to lovers of the genre and demonstrate that it is still time to enjoy and disengage the hips to the rhythm of boogaloo and Latin soul.

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