The solo career of Hendrik Röver begins to show signs of unwavering solidity. 8 albums released in 8 years while maintaining the unstoppable activity of its main band Los DelTonos, with 4 albums in the same period, make it clear the seriousness with which it faces.

Los DelTonos revolutionized the stagnant and mimetic panorama of the national blues in the early 90s, considered a reference ever since. Hendrik beyond his band began presenting his albums in solo acoustic, with “Esqueletos” in 2008; later with the help of Miguel Bañón (Los Marañones, Los Lunáticos, …) as “No temáis por mí”, 2010; and when he released the double “Oeste/Norte” in 2010 it became clear that those songs required a band to be shown in all its luminosity. He used his old friends Goyo Chiquito (double bass/chorus) and Toño López Baños (drums/percussion), a rhythmic section with 20 years of joint experience, to form Los Míticos GT’s, with which he recorded “Incluye futuros clásicos” in 2014 , the live album “Live en La Burbuja” in 2015, and the double “Fetén/Fatal”, also from 2015.

Hendrik Röver & Los Míticos GT’s are a powerful and dynamic trio of seasoned and excellently-matched musicians who interpret Röver’s repertoire and a careful selection of versions with solidity and aplomb. Armed with his songs, an Esquire telecaster and a small Fender Pro Junior, wrapped by Goyo’s powerful double bass and Toño’s exceptional rhythmic work, Los Míticos GT’s are a hurricane on stage. Promise.

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