Los DelTonos, leaded by Hendrik Röver, are and have been without a doubt one of the bands where their quality has been inversely proportional to their repercussion. Called to be one of the great names of the musical history of Spain, different reasons diluted his name in his best mediatic moment.
After their debut “Tres hombres enfermos” in 1990 with the label La Fábrica Magnética, and a tour around the country, they signed with DRO for their 2nd album “Bien, mejor”, and from then on the problems began. Due to a legal dispute between La Fábrica and DRO, they were even forbidden to play live. All this caused their discography during the 90s to be scarce.

But in 2003, out of legal issues, they published “Sólido”, a disc with which they even played in Los 40 Principales, making them known to a new generation, and which gave the starting signal to a prolific career at the rate of an album every 2-3 years. Moving between the blues, the rock and the Americana music, they have carved a name of their own based on great songs and overflowing quality album after album.

Today they are a reputed band on the scene, which continues to release records and out on the road to play all around the country, already in quartet formation to incorporate the 2nd guitarist. Undoubtedly, the band most unfairly treated in our borders, but that has never killed them to continue against all odds.

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