Castro Coleman, a.k.a. Mr. Sipp or ‘Mississippi Blues Child’, grew up in the small town of McComb, Mississippi. He started playing the guitar at the young age of 6, and through hard work and perseverance, Mr. Sipp has become one of the Delta bluesman to take into account, known for his incredible vocal, compositional ability, and as an exceptional guitarist, and above all with an innate talent for the show.

After 22 years working in the gospel industry, Mr. Sipp launched himself as a guitarist in 2014 with a debut called “It’s My Guitar” where he himself recorded all the instruments and voices, receiving a multitude of awards.
He has composed more than 100 songs for himself and other artists, has participated in Grammy nominated albums, winner of the International Blues Challenge of Memphis, Gibson award for best blues guitarist, etc. He even has his appearance in the movie about the life of James Brown.

His live show is recognized as one of the most exciting and exciting of the scene, in a trio format that will delight any fan not only blues, but good music.

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