Everybody is talking about Nikki Hill, about her style and her breakthrough live. Considered as the new queen of soul, her style is unique and genuine. Raised in North Carolina and living in New Orleans, her voice was formed in a gospel choir and has learned from the great voices of soul.
At first she started playing bass, but it was her husband guitarist Matt Hill who bet hard on her and took her out to sing, and since then she has not stopped. Her influences are between the most classic rock’n’roll and rhythm’n’blues mixed with the strength of the wildest punk, halfway between AC/DC and The Staple Singers, with an intense and spectacular live concert.

After her debut “Here’s Nikki Hill” and the acclaimed “Heavy Hearts Hard Fists”, Nikki goes one step further in her career with “Feline Roots”, where the band gains strength and the sound becomes even more rock, creating a path for take it to live explosively, and more since they have included a 2nd guitarist to the band, which brings more versatility and power.

Undoubtedly we are before one of the artists called to be part of the future classics of music, still young to continue growing, but with the right steps in her career path to stardom.

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