Southern roots-rock master Robby Peoples learned to play the harmonica and guitar in the country blues traditions of Oxford, Mississippi. Peoples original music, dubbed whiskey folk, is dominated by his strange presence on stage and his sandpaper voice, which has been described as the love son of Tom Waits and Joe Cocker.
What makes Robby Peoples such an engaging performer is the way he interacts with both the crowd and the music itself. Peoples started playing music when he was 19 years old, making it a crucial part of his life in his most defining years that followed him to adulthood. Peoples uses raw, candid lyrics combined with high tempo rhythms for a show that speaks to audiences both literally and emotionally.

Peoples’ presence across the Colorado and Mississippi music scenes has been steadily rising over the years. He’s toured the East and West coasts with Denver favorite The Congress, and recruited them to join him in the studio. He’s shared the stage with musicians of all genres, including the jazz-Americana singer Sam Holt, rock band Polytoxic, and opening for the renowned songwriter Leon Russel. With 2 EP’s already in his possession, the last recorded with the band formed by Ben Waligoske, Jonathan Meadows and Scott Roush, a union that emerged from a joint tour of Spain in 2019, undoubtedly Robby Peoples is ready to storm the stages of the rest of the world.

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