Considered the new diva of European soul, the story of Shirley Davis is certainly unique. Born in London to Jamaican parents, she lived at the shadow of Wembley Stadium, with her concerts. At age 16 he married an Australian and spent most of his adult life there, where he joined the Grand WaZoo band. With this band he became a singer for Wilson Pickett, while the band acted as the base band of the soul star.
She maintained a close friendship with the great Marva Withney, which led her to record a single with the spectacular Japanese band Osaka Monaurail. She has made more collaborations for various record labels, especially highlighting the single dance “I Want to Live” by Deepface, which reached number 1 on the Australian charts.

Shortly after she returned to Europe determined to become one of the European soul singers of reference. Sponsored by Sharon Jones, Shirley captivated the people of TucXone Records in a concert in Madrid, where she went up to sing with the soul diva. TucXone got in touch with her to offer her a new project: to record an album with The Silverbacks in the old way, as in the records of the legendary Stax Records.
This project has taken shape and has become the success that a voice like Shirley deserved. 2 albums already under her belt, the excellent reviews, and a continuous tour throughout Europe give good faith of the quality of the project and the success of TucXone Records.

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