Southern Avenue is a street in Memphis that stretches from the easternmost part of the city limits to Soulsville, the original home of Stax Records. Southern Avenue is also the name of an ardent and young quintet from Memphis that embodies the soul of their hometown, blues and evangelical traditions, while adding a youthful spirit and dynamic energy of their own.

Their self-titled debut album is a breath of fresh air with their own unique blend of rhythm and blues voices tinged with gospel, guitar work based on blues roots, and songwriting inspired by soul. And the launch of Southern Avenue with the legendary and renewed Stax label is a testament to the talent and vision of the young combo.

Southern Avenue has five young but experienced musicians who come from diverse musical and personal backgrounds to create music that encompasses their broad musical interests, while showing the powerful chemistry that the group has perfected through the stage and the studio experience. The band is composed by the sisters Tierinii and Tikyra Jackson, born in Memphis and raised in the church, respectively, a moving singer, charismatic and a subtle and powerful drummer; guitarist Ori Naftaly, a blues disciple born in Israel who came to the United States as an acclaimed solo artist; Daniel McKee, versatile bassist inspired by jazz; and the band’s newest member, keyboardist Jeremy Powell, a former student at Stax’s legendary music academy.

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