«Protect your face while you can, move your ass, because there is no future if you don’t dance … Nothing will ever be the same, The Cyborgs are on the way.»

INRI’s second production, the new Turin-based independent record label, is a two-man band that comes from the future and plays primal blues and funk, tightly tied to the roots, but it’s also the most innovative thing that humans go to see in the next twenty years. At a time when the image reigns, two perfect strangers decided to remain anonymous to wear a welder’s mask. They have no identity. Like the most advanced software, consisting of a 0 and a 1, 0 takes over the guitars and sings through a microphone built into its mask, while 1 plays synthesized sounds with its left hand and drums with the limbs remaining from its body. Together they produce a raw bluesy sound with an unstoppable push and boogie. They preach a return to the simplicity of the past rather than the destructive future we are headed for. Their music is the same: simple but effective. It can be done with just two men, although you have to possess the talent of these cyborgs. It is impossible to resist this electrofunkblues, resistance is useless.

The Cyborgs (1)