Raised under the cold and rainy bay of Vigo, in Galicia, The Soul Jacket have been defined as the best southern rock band in Spain. Beyond that label, it is true that after more than 10 years of career, 4 albums and 2 E.P.’s, and an explosive live act like no other, they have won all possible qualifications. And of them you can only verify that today, have not yet reached their top.

“Plastic Jail” is the brand new album by the Galician band, recorded between may and july 2018 at the Radar Studios in Vigo. With this new old-style recording, The Soul Jacket come full circle, if surprisingly managing to a new take on that unmatchable formula of rhythm’n’blues, rock’n’roll and southern soul that helped them surprise critics and audiences in their acclaimed debut in 2011.
In this ‘jail made of plastic’ the listener will only breathe a stuffy, sweaty atmosphere, with a compact sound, direct and in line with a frantic and uncertain present time, and with winks to bands like Big Star, John Lennon, or the first Heartbreakers, also abound the same way those sweeping mid-tempo tunes we know only too well make The Kinks and The Beatles often resonate. A true return to the purest essence and a leap worthy of giants.


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