Judith Hill is one of the true stories that director Morgan Neville tells in his acclaimed documentary “20 Feet from Stardom”, about the singers behind the big stars of the last 70 years, film for which he won the 2015 Grammy at the best musical movie.

African-Japanese descent and daughter of the musicians ‘Pee Wee’ Hill (bassist) and Michiko Hill (keyboard player), she has music in her veins since she was born. At her 34, her career is overwhelming: she has been a regular singer for Stevie Wonder, Chacka Khan, George Benson, and many more; highlighting especially her work with 2 of the greatest contemporary pop and soul artists, such as Michael Jackson, during her last tour “This Is It” (she was in charge of singing “Heal the World” at Jacko’s funeral); or Prince, who also took her as a protégé during the last 2 years of his life, producing her first solo album, “Back in Time”.

With her 2nd album on the street, Judith Hill is slowly becoming one of the future divas of soul. At least, the critics and the public agree with this statement. Time will tell.

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