«The next British guitar hero» [The Guardian]

This young guitarist from North London has been defined by the British press as a perfect mix between Seasick Stevie and Jimmy Page. His first and second albums, “Hard Times” and “What Good Am I to You?”, were critically acclaimed. He is a tremendously versatile guitarist who masters country, folk, and blues. His predominant style is powerful blues infested with riffs, employing his signature slide with great vocal work and an impressive harmonica attack, coupled with great stage power.

The British blues scene has been the origin in the past of some of the greatest blues-rock artists that ever existed: Mayall, Clapton, Yardbirds, Animals, Peter Green, and after a relatively quiet period in recent years, a lot of musicians have arrived: Ian Siegal, Matt Schofield, Bex Marshall, Joanne Shaw Taylor,… who bring back to the foreground that blues-rock of past decades. Marcus Bonfanti, both solo and with his new project Jawbone together with Paddy Milner, is one of the main names of that new scene.

marcus bonfanti